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In the Wild

Our Best Examples

Our client didn’t know what they wanted so we met with them in-person and discussed the scope of their website. They settled on a video blog website. We made a single page website that has motivational quotes in the background. As the client uploads videos to their Youtube channel, they are automatically displayed on the website. The client was happy with the result. We also ideated and created the logo that they use today. 

Our client had an old dated Wix website that was ugly and unusable. After consulting with them we designed a more contemporary look for them using WordPress and using our own hosting. 

Our client was not happy with their current Wix website. It was costing them money and they didn’t know how to manage it. It was also missing basic information. After consulting with them we designed an elegant and chic theme with their colors and overall brand and moved them into our own hosting. 

Our client needed a website for their upcoming drag and drive event. We used a basic theme they had purchased and customized to fit their needs. They provided all the graphics. We programmed the website to receive data from their custom judging software and CRM to populate current driver stats and judging results.

Our client needed a stats-based drag and drive event website. They gave us the logo and the data and we uploaded and made every page. There is a custom navigation bar on each page. We created a custom mobile view of each table. There’s also a shop. 

Our client needed to switch hosts and migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They had started the process of moving to Cloudways with another agency. The agency, however, did not finish the job and left the client with a broken site. We took over and finished the job using their installed skin and extensions. We consulted and worked heavily with the client to facilitate the completion of this large-scale project. 

Our founder needed a ministry blog website for his podcast and built one. It has many articles, a song lyrics search, and free resources. The WordPress website was designed by the founder colors, layout and all. 

Our client needed a new website. They had a very old site on Wix before we started. We spoke with our client and they mentioned they liked the idea of flowers. We designed a new hi-res logo that met the client’s needs. We created a rich website experience full of flowery imagery and impactful content. Our client was ecstatic about the result and showed it off during their last Marriage Supper Banquet event. 



Our client did not have a website. They wanted a quick one-page landing-style website. We got the info from them and made the site to their specifications. We also designed a new logo for them. They were happy with the results.



Our client desperately needed a new website. Their previous Magento 1 website had become too much trouble to maintain. After consulting with them, we decided to go with a Woo Commerce theme. We found a popular one on Theme Forest and installed it. We configured the entire website to match their branding and style. They were happy with the result and so were their customers. 

Our church needed a website. They had a real old one based in an old church management system. We migrated them from there to Godaddy, then later migrated from Godaddy to Cloudways. They bought new domains and we linked them up. We built a new website based from a theme we purchased on Theme Forest. 

Our client needed a simple one-page website. They didn’t know where to start. We got the info from them, setup a hosting account, linked up their domain and built a landing page website.